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Extracting cloud data

The image below is a crop from NASA’s 250m resolution TERRA satellite – 2003/163 – 06/12. The crop shows a 40km sample over Somerset, UK (160 x 160px). I’ve already been able to extract the cloud layer from a similar … Continue reading

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I’ve been experimenting with a technique to extract height data of clouds from satellite images. The screen shots below show my first attempts. The data is 250m resolution colour satellite image (need to provide link). I’ve been able to extract … Continue reading

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Satellite images of weather

A promising and probably the most accurate understanding of cloud states (on a global scale) is the studying and extraction of cloud formations from satellite images. Satellites such as EUMETSAT are regularly recording the earth and publishing images to the … Continue reading

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Method for rendering clouds.

Some ideas for rendering clouds. Use spheres (or bell shapes), to render light on clouds. Either: 1) Z buffer slice image and place particle systems 2) render each individual sphere as a particle mesh, with lighting dictated by lighting on … Continue reading

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