FIA F1 2010 by Codemasters.

This game’s claim is to the have the most sophisticated weather system in a driving game. The video shows the kind of effects they have. You’ll see rain splashes on the ground, and on the computer screen (camera), fog, spray, rain and clouds.

The idea of splashes onto the screen is particularly interesting. There will be another post soon, featuring a stop frame animation of clouds as seen through a window, particularly a ‘picture window’ due to the fact of it having a landscape view. The 24 hour stop-frame includes clouds and rain that passes. The rain splashes on the window and then dries out.

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2 Responses to FIA F1 2010 by Codemasters.

  1. Andy Ashwin says:

    Interesting stuff. A few of my former colleagues work on the F1 and Dirt titles for Codemasters. I assume you have looked at some of the weather stuff from Microsoft Flight Simulator? Some of the third-party addons are incredible.

  2. Anthony Head says:

    Yes I have looked at FS as well. It does seem to be one of the best examples of immersive weather features that I’ve seen. I just haven’t blogged about it though.