Benefits of first person visualisation

The benefits of first-person weather visualisation depend on a variety of factors.

Definition of First Person 3D Visualisation

Perspective views in computer graphics, and in particular video games, is referred to as first-person, or 3rd person. This is an extension of Narrative Mode used in writing. First person view is where the virtual camera represents the eye’s of the player. His or her point of view as the character in the game, as in Doom.

3rd person perspective is the use of a virtual camera to show the character (as in Mario games, Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider).

Many computer games allow the switching of views between first and third person.

Typical virtual reality systems have adopted a first person view. Those using headsets have often used stereo screens to provide a stereoscopic depth view.

The benefits of first person perspective is that the view is not about looking at a character, but is actually about your own experience. I would argue that there is an increased sense of immersion with the First Person view. This perspective is more likely to trigger memories and imprint on your memory.

Achieving this would be a step towards the believability issue of the overall project.

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