3D Frome – 29/11/10

Here’s my initial attempt at combining some of the Frome dataset into a scene. Utilising two terrains (a high & low quality), as an attempt at improving rendering speed and cutting down on texture size.

The screen shots are from a real-time image. Showing two street level and 10m above street level shots. Both views are on roads which are on a hill.

The sky is a simple skydome, not using any data other than a panoramic image. There is a small amount of fogging to indicate atmospheric perspective.

I now understand an issue with converting the height data, from the 24bit files supplied, and indeed previous data that I’ve used. The roads appear bumpy. This is a terracing-like effect that occurs when the images are converted to 8bit RAW files. I will hopefully be able to correct this, keeping 16bit greyscale textures and not getting errors (such as large anomolies, such as jagged points).

It is possible to see two types of shadows in this scene. The dark shadows are from the aerial photography. I’ve pointing a light source with realtime soft shadows to approximately match the angle of the such when the photographic image was taken. Thus there is a double shadow. This shadowing will be an issue when it comes to showing images at different times of the day, with the sun or cloud cover giving different lighting conditions. However, it helps to see the problem to be able to deal with correcting it.

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